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Mulugetta, Y., T. Jackson, and D. van der Horst (2010) "Carbon Reduction at Community Scale" Energy Policy 38 No.12 : 7541-7545
Mulugetta, Y., S. Karlsson, and A. Vihma (2008) "G77: Tensions between Self Interest and Unity in Climate negotiations." In 2nd Global International Studies Conference, Slovenia. [Slovenia].
Mulugetta, Y. (2007) "Globalisation: The battle for solidarity and effective resistance" In Implications of Globalisation, edited by A. Boran and P. Cox [Chester: Chester Academic Press].
Karlsson, S., Y. Mulugetta, and A. Vihma (2008) "Negotiating Solidarity: Strategies for Adapting G77 Institutions to Climate Change." In The sixth International Human Dimensions Workshop (IHDW), New Delhi [New Delhi].
Fudge, S., Y. Mulugetta, and M. Peters (2008) "Negotiating the Macro and the Micro Policy Terrain towards a Low-Carbon Economy." In Climate change impacts and adaptation: Dangerous rates of change Conference. 22-24 September 2008. [University of Exeter and Met Office].