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Wilson-Kelly, N., and B. Hayward (2009) "Young Women Voters: What Makes Them Tick?" In Rethinking Women and Politics: New Zealand and Comparative Perspectives, edited by K. McMillan, J. Leslie and E. McLeay [Wellington: Victoria University Press].
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Hayward, B. (2010) "The Social handprint: Decentred environmental citizenship." In Politics, Poetics and Ethics Conference, 3-5th Dec 2010 [University College London].
Hayward, B. (2010) "Shades of green: research methods about citizenship and children." In UK Teachers Training Conference in Social Science Research. 12th March 2010 [University of East Anglia].
Hayward, B. (2010) "Seeds of Ecological Citizenship: Understanding transformative experiences in children’s citizenship" In RESOLVE/Surrey Political Science Joint Seminar, 20th October 2010 [University of Surrey].
Hayward, B. (2010) "Security for whom? Social contracts in a changing climate" In Climate Change, Ethics and Human Security, edited by K. O'Brien, A. L. St Clair and B. Kristoffersen [Cambridge].
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Hayward, B. (2008) "Rediscovering the Lost Forests of Winnie the Pooh: Climate Change and Sustainability Education." In Scottish FEI Forestry and Education. 13th -14th Nov 2008 [Dunkeld, Scotland].
Hayward, B. (2010) "Parks Key to Kiwi Wellbeing" The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand
Hayward, B., and T. Jackson (2010) "Living the Good Life? Comparing the aspirations and sustainability of lifestyles of young New Zealanders and UK Citizens" In University of Canterbury Sustainability Forum, 12th Feb 2010 [University of Canterbury, New Zealand].
Hayward, B., and N. Green (2010) "I hate Morrison's mosquito: understanding young people's e-struggle for public space." In Horniman Museum Youth Conference, 27th November 2010 [London].
Hayward, B. (2010) "Growing Greens: Understanding Children's citizenship and environmental agency" In Centre for Environmental Education Research Conference, 11th March 2010 [University of Bath, UK].
Hayward, B. (2009) "Global Sustainable Lifestyle Survey: Attitudes of Young New Zealanders" In United Nations Environment Programme Global Survey International Research Workshop [Paris].
Jackson, T., and B. Hayward (2009) "Global Sustainable Lifestyle Survey: Attitudes of UK Youth Respondents." In United Nations Environment Programme Global Survey International Research Workshop [Paris].
Hayward, B., H. Donald, and E. Okeroa (2011) "Flourishing: Young Lives Well Lived in New Zealand" In Visions for Change: Country papers. 56-61 [Paris: UNEP Task Force on Sustainable Lifestyles].