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Jackson, T., and Cooper. G (2009) "From the sublime to the ridiculous: lessons from interdisciplinary research in lifestyles, values and environment." In 4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science [Athens, Greece].
Jackson, T. (2009) "Beyond the Growth Economy" Journal of Industrial Ecology 13 No.4 : 487-490
Jackson, T., and B. Hayward (2009) "Global Sustainable Lifestyle Survey: Attitudes of UK Youth Respondents." In United Nations Environment Programme Global Survey International Research Workshop [Paris].
Pepper, M., T. Jackson, and D. Uzzell (2009) "Values and Sustainable Consumer Behaviours" International Journal of Consumer Studies 33 No.2 : 126-136
Thomas Pellicer, R., and T. Jackson (2009) "Reconstructing Cultures of Sustainable Consumption: towards a deconstruction of the global polity" In Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century, edited by S. Datta Banik and S. Kumar Basu, 271-343 [New Delhi: APH Publishing Corporation].
Armstrong, A., and T. Jackson (2008) "Tied up in Nots: an exploration of the link between consumption and spirituality" In European Sociological Association Conference [Helsinki].
Druckman, A., P. Bradley, and T. Jackson (2008) "Waste and Resource Mapping." In Strategies and Technologies for Sustainable Urban Waste Management Symposium, 21st April 2008 [London, UK.].
Druckman, A., P. Bradley, T. Jackson, C. J. Banks, A. Maycox, T. Khan, C. Thomas, and M. Yoxon (2008) "Waste and Resource Mapping" In Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), 10-13 June 2008 [Paignton, UK].
Druckman, A., and T. Jackson (2008) "The carbon footprint of UK households 1990-2004: a socio-economically disaggregated quasi-multi-regional input-output model." In The 2008 International Input-Output Meeting on Managing the Environment. 9-11 July 2008. [Seville, Spain.].
Fudge, S., T. Jackson, Y. Mulugetta, and M. Peters (2008) "Reconciling markets and governance: energy regulation in the UK 1989-2007." In 7th BIEE Academic Conference, The New Energy Challenge: Security and Sustainability. 24th-25th September 2008..