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Bottrill, C. (2007) "Internet based tools for behaviour change" In Environmental Change Institute [Oxford University.].
Bottrill, C. (2008) "Internet Tools for Behaviour Change." In European Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy 2007 Summer Study [France].
Uzzell, D., N. Räthzel, and D. Lumsden (2008) "The Importance of Context in the Interpretation of Cross-Cultural Environmental Attitudes." In IAPS Conference, Urban Diversities, biosphere and well-being. 28th July-1st August 2008. [Rome].
Bedford, T. (2009) "Identity and Policy: Who, How and Why" In SCI Workshop Alternative Approaches to Habits, 11-12th June 2009 [University of Manchester].
Evans, J. (2009) International Handbook on the Economics of Energy, Edited by L. C. Hunt [Cheltenham: Edward Elgar].
Spinney, J. (2009) "Imagining the consumer: conceptualising the user in a hi-tech firm" In Joint Actions on Climate Change Conference. [Aalborg, Denmark].
Uzzell, D., and G. Moser (2009) "Introduction: environmental psychology on the move" Journal of Environmental Psychology 29: 307-308
Hayward, B., and N. Green (2010) "I hate Morrison's mosquito: understanding young people's e-struggle for public space." In Horniman Museum Youth Conference, 27th November 2010 [London].
Murtagh, N., D. Uzzell, and B. Gatersleben (2010) "Identity Threat and Resistance to Change: Evidence in Transport-related Behaviour." In The British Psychological Society Social Psychology Conference. 7-9 September 2010. [Winchester].
Peters, M., S. Fudge, and T. Jackson (2010) "Introduction " In Low Carbon Communities: Imaginative Approaches to Combating Climate Change Locally, edited by M. Peters, S. Fudge and T. Jackson [Cheltenham: Edward Elgar].
In Press
Murtagh, N., B. Gatersleben, and D. Uzzell (In Press) "Identity Threat and Resistance to Change: Evidence and Implications from Transport-Related Behaviour" In Identity Process Theory: Identity, Social Action and Social Change, edited by R. Jaspal and G. Breakwell [Cambridge: Cambridge University Press].