Previous seminars

List of previous resolve seminars

Date Presentor Seminar title PDF Abst. mp3 Video
31 Oct 2011 Ian Christie, Dr Nick Eyre and Simon Roberts OBE RESOLVE Research and Implications for Policy and Practice
27 Sep 2011 Chris Tuppen, Advancing Sustainability LLP Smart Cities, Smart People
14 Jul 2011 Dr Rupert Read, UEA (Philosophy) A policy proposal to take future generations seriously: Strong guardians
13 Jun 2011 Tim O'Riordan, Emeritus Professor, University of East Anglia, Sheriff of Norwich, 2009-2010 The Norfolk Citizenship Initiative
9 May 2011 David Uzzell, University of Surrey and Nora Räthzel, University of Umeå, Sweden Trade Unions in the Green Economy: tackling the jobs – environment, North - South contradictions
7 Apr 2011 Kersty Hobson, The Environmental Change Institute, The University of Oxford Talking to sceptics about climate change: discourses, deliberation and the curious case of 1598
14 Mar 2011 Ian Christie, Fellow in the Sustainable Lifestyles Research Group at CES and Future Generations and Governance for Sustainable Development: some initiatives in the UK and beyond
27 Jan 2011 BPS Seminar series: The Psychology of Sustainability The attitude-behaviour gap or value-action gap. Does it exist and if so how do we deal with it?
19 Jan 2011 Inge Røpke, Technical University of Denmark The construction of resource-intensive consumption patterns – the case of information and communication technologies
9 Dec 2010 Alex Evans, Non-Resident Fellow, New York University Globalization and Scarcity