April 2010

"Forget climate change, forget biodiversity loss, forget dwindling water supplies or access to safe water. Set aside ocean acidification, peak oil, industrial agriculture, and population growth. Behind all of these symptoms is the basic problem that humanity lives on a planet with finite resources yet does not recognize this in its economic theory or practical measurement of economic activity or social progress (or perhaps lack thereof for some time). "

Congratulations to Tim Jackson on winning a Best of Green award. Click to read more.

March 2010

The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) is the UK Government's official advisory body on sustainability, reporting formally to the Prime Minister. Professor Tim Jackson, of the University of Surrey, was initially appointed as Economics Commissioner on the SDC in March 2004 and has already served two three-year terms, contributing to the UK SD Strategy and the Sustainable Consumption Round Table during the first term and leading the Commission's work on Redefining Prosperity during the second.

This work culminated in him writing the Commission’s controversial and groundbreaking study, which was later revised and updated for publication as Prosperity without Growth - economics for a finite planet (Earthscan 2009).

February 2010

Long Horizons is a collection of personal reflections about art, artists and climate change. Commissioned by the British Council working with Julie’s Bicycle the piece includes contributions from Antony Gormley, Jay Griffiths, Tim Jackson, Diana Liverman and KT Tunstall. Click to read more

November 2009

In Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet, published by Earthscan, Professor Tim Jackson raises fundamental questions about the economics needed to tackle climate change. Jackson argues that, faced with the limits imposed by carbon sinks and the scale of ‘de-carbonization’ of the world’s economy required to stay within them, continued economic growth in the already affluent world does not offer the solution; it represents the problem. Click to read more about what was said at the London Review Bookshop launch on 12th November.

November 2009

The Sustainable Development Commission invited guests to a debate about the demands of transforming our economies to meet the challenge of climate change, and to celebrate the launch of Tim Jackson's new book 'Prosperity Without Growth.' The event took place on the 2nd November at Central Hall Westminster. Click to read more

November 2009

Tim Jackson was invited to participate in a panel on “Green Growth and Sustainable Development” held at the 64th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on 26 October 2009 at the United Nations Headquaters in New York. Click her to see the presentation

October 2009

Catherine Botrill participated in a series called 'How Science Works', which has used the hook of the music industry's carbon footprint to teach key stage 3 pupils (12-14 years old) about energy use and carbon emissions. The programme is 15 mins long and is available from their website. On 30th November the programme will begin airing on Teachers TV. Click to see more or visit Catherine's profile page by clicking on 'The Team' tab above.

October 2009

Click here for more information on Prosperity without Growth

In Prosperity Without Growth, Tim Jackson demonstrates that it is necessary—and possible—to have increased and widespread prosperity without economic growth. Due for publication November 2nd 2009, the book is a substantially revised and updated version of the report that kick-started the growth debate. Click to read more