Dr. Bronwyn Hayward

Senior Lecturer University of Canterbury, New Zealand (Visiting Fellow RESOLVE)

Dr Bronwyn Hayward is a Senior lecturer in the School of Political Science at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch. Bronwyn has a Visiting Fellow appointment with RESOLVE and is also a Visiting Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia.

Whilst with RESOLVE Bronwyn is researching and writing about the changing nature of children's attitudes to their environment and citizenship and the implications of these changes for government policy, public participation and citizenship education.

Bronwyn's training is in both political science and geography (PhD University of Otago, New Zealand 2000). She specialises in environmental politics, deliberative political theory, public participation and issues related to youth citizenship and environmental understanding. She has also worked in production and advocacy for children's television and radio, and in communication for national parks, museums, and forests in New Zealand, the UK and the United States. She has been a judge for New Zealand's national awards in political science and electoral research, the Wallace Awards in 2004 and 2006. Bronwyn has also served in a statutory role as the Ministerial representative to the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority 2000-2002.

Bronwyn can also be contacted via her University of Canterbury email address bronwyn.hayward@canterbury.ac.nz

Recent publications and presentations

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Also reprinted as a book see: Bronwyn Hayward 2008 The Politics of Climate Change: Issues for New Zealand and Small States of the Pacific Dunmore Publishing, Auckland

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Examples of Recent Conference Papers

Bronwyn Hayward: The Lost Forests of Winnie the Pooh: Empowering Children Through Sorytelling in Changing Climate. Plenary Address Forestry Education Initiative, Scotland November 13-14.

Karen O'Brien, Bronwyn Hayward and Figret Berkes (2008) 'Rethinking Social Contracts: Building Resilience in a Changing Climate Resilience 2008 Stockholm.

Katrina Brown and Bronwyn Hayward (2008) 'Nowhere far from the sea': Exploring resilience in coastal communities' Resilience 2008 Stockholm

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Bronwyn Hayward, Holly Donald, Celia Sheerin, Ara Ta Rakena (2006) "Whakarongo mai; Listen to me! How Young People Talk about Politics in New Zealand. Dialogue Across Difference, Melbourne University December 2006. MORE INFORMATION

Bronwyn Hayward (2005) Effective Citizen Engagement and Social Learning in Environmental Policy: The New Zealand Experience American Political Science Association Washington DC September

Bronwyn Hayward (2005) Keynote '5 Ts of Effective Citizen Consultation in Promoting Public Participation' National Conference of Land Transport. Christchurch New Zealand