Dr. Kate Burningham


Kate Burningham is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology of the Environment; a joint appointment between the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES) at the University of Surrey.

Her research interests focus on the social construction of environmental problems, public environmental knowledge and environmental inequalities.


Projects include work for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the environmental perspectives of disadvantaged groups. With Dr Jane Fielding and Dr. Diana Thrush she been involved in projects for the Environment Agency researching vulnerability to flooding and public responses to flood warnings in the UK, and contributed to another major report for the Agency on Addressing Environmental Inequalities. Other recent projects include work for the Environment Agency exploring the meaning of environmental citizenship and for the ESRC investigating chemical corporations' understandings of, access to and use of lay environmental knowledge. In 2006 she began work funded under TSEC with colleagues at four other universities which involves a multi-disciplinary investigation of public engagement with renewable energy technologies - www.manchester.ac.uk/sed/research/beyond_nimbyism/

Selected Publications

Burningham, K. , Barnett, J. , Carr, A., Clift, R., & Wehrmeyer, W. (2007) 'Industrial constructions of publics and public knowledge; A qualitative investigation of practice in the UK chemicals industry' Public Understanding of Science Vol 16 (1) p23-43

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