Chris Kukla

PhD Student

Chris originally graduated from the University of Surrey in 2007 with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science. From here he undertook a research post investigating 'Novel Transport Carrier mechanisms' for Pro-Biotic bacteria with both medical and environmental applications.

Following the completion of his research post Chris then undertook an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London in 2008. As part of these studies he conducted a study funded by Defra exploring the implications of implementing landfill bans within the UK.

After completing his MSc Chris re-joined the University of Surrey, this time in the Centre of Environmental Strategy as a PhD student funded by the RESOLVE Project.


Chris’ PhD focuses on an exploration of fairness and whether it has a role to play in reducing household energy consumption.

To facilitate this research question Chris developed CHAT, the Carbon Home Audit Tool. CHAT is a computer-based programme that enables researchers to collect household energy consumption data to produce a specific household carbon footprint accounting for both direct and indirect emissions.

Fairness itself has been given many different definitions over its many years of study, resulting in a variety of differing ideologies on the subject. However research has shown us that fairness or the perception of fairness in a process can bring real benefits, such as increased public acceptability and co-operation.

By recruiting a number of households from varying social-demographics the study aimed to explore the subject of fairness with individual households. Through the use of carbon footprints and semi-structured interviews Chris has investigated the principles and components of systems households feel contribute to their sense of fairness.

The results of the study provide interesting insights into household’s current views on energy reduction and the principles of fairness they perceive as important to engaging them with energy reduction and future policies in this area.

Chris is currently writing up his thesis, with submission due for 2012.

Chris is supervised by A. Druckman and T. Jackson.

Contact details

Chris can be contacted by email at:

Conference Presentations

Chris has presented his work to a variety of audiences at the following conferences:

  • Kukla, C., Druckman, A., Jackson, T., 2011. Lost in Transition. RESOLVE Conference: Living Sustainably: values, policies, practices. London.
  • Kukla, C., Druckman, A., Jackson, T., 2010. Can Fairness Play a role in Household Energy Reduction? RC UK Energy Review. University of Oxford.
  • Kukla, C., Druckman, A., Jackson, T., 2010. The Effect of Fairness on Behaviour Change. Post Graduate Research Conference: ‘Human Behaviour and Climate Change’. University of Cardiff.