Dr. Nicola Green


Nicola Green is a lecturer in the sociology of new media and new technologies. Her doctoral research was conducted at the University of Canterbury (NZ), and the University of California at Berkeley (on a Fulbright fellowship), and examined the social production and consumption of virtual reality technologies. Before joining the department in 2001, she held a postdoctoral fellowship with the Digital World Research Centre at the University of Surrey, on an ESRC project that examined the emerging social life of mobile phones.

Nicola's current teaching includes aspects of cultural and media studies (including new media methodologies), as well as science and technology studies. She teaches a first year core module in Youth, Culture and New Technologies, offers a final year option in science and technology studies, and offers an optional Masters level course in New Media and New Technologies. She has supervised student research projects that have examined young people and new media technologies, internet intimacy, and older people's uses of internet technologies.


Nicola's doctoral and postdoctoral work has fuelled enduring research interests in how technology, culture, gender and embodiment intersect in social life. She is particularly interested in the development of methodological approaches aligned to feminist, poststructuralist and actor-network theory. Since coming to Surrey, she has worked on a number of projects with industry organisations, including a British Telecom University Research Fellowship on qualitative social research and technology design practice. Since being appointed to the Department of Sociology, she has embarked on an Intel funded project investigating notions of risk, trust, privacy and accountability in personal and location-based technologies.

Professional Activities

Nicola is Reviews Editor for Sociological Research Online (BSA Journal), and is a member of the British Sociological Association (BSA), the Society for the Social Study of Science (4S), and a member of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST).

Recent Publications


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Book Chapters

Green, N. (forthcoming) 'Outwardly Mobile: Young People and Mobile Technologies' in James Katz (ed) Machines that become us: The Social Context of Personal Communication Technology New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers.

Green, N. (2002) 'Who's Watching Whom? Surveillance, Regulation and Accountability in Mobile Relations' in Barry Brown, Nicola Green, and Richard Harper. (eds) Wireless World: Social, Cultural and Interactional Issues in Mobile Communications and Computing London: Springer-Verlag.