Scott Milne

PhD Student/Research Fellow

Scott joined RESOLVE in January 2008 as a PhD student, developing scenarios on UK household consumption. In March 2011, Scott was appointed Research Fellow and is currently engaged in dissemination activities and further analysis around the outputs from his PhD work. Later in 2011 Scott left RESOLVE and joined the Energy Economics department at the University of Surrey as a Research Fellow.


Scott's PhD research involved the development of scenarios to explore the impact of different social, technological, economic and political factors on the carbon intensity of UK household consumption through to 2030. Scenarios are widely used across the public and private sectors as a means of establishing sets of 'possible futures', in order to better inform current policy and strategy. In attempting to reduce our environmental impact, scenarios around household consumption can help illuminate the possible consequences of current trends, as well as indicating which alternative lifestyles might provide a more sustainable path for the future.

The scenarios in this study are informed by research across other strands within RESOLVE, combining an energy/emissions modelling framework with socio-psychological and cultural understandings of lifestyle change.

Scott is supervised by Prof Lester Hunt (Surrey Energy Economics Centre) and Dr Michael Peters (RESOLVE).


Scott graduated from the University of Dundee in 2001 with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing. He then worked for five years as a Research Assistant in the School of Computing at the University of Dundee, developing software and web applications for children, disabled people and older people. During his time at the University of Dundee, Scott was also a consultant with the Digital Media Access Group, a usability and accessibility consultancy. In 2006 Scott began studying full-time for a MSc in Renewable Energy and Environmental Modelling, which he completed in 2007.