Prof. Lester Hunt


Lester Hunt graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc (Hons) in Economics with Econometrics. He also holds an MA in Economics from the University of Essex and a PhD in Economics from the University of Surrey. Lester has held various academic posts at the University of Essex, University College Swansea, the University of Surrey and the University of Portsmouth. Lester has also worked as an Economic Adviser at HM Treasury and as an Energy Analyst/Economist at Midlands Electricity plc (MEB).

Lester is Professor of Energy Economics and Director of the Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC) and since November 2006 he has been an Editor of The Energy Journal. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Portsmouth and a co-investigator for the ESRC funded 'Research Group on Lifestyles Values and Environment (RESOLVE)' and the EPSRC funded project, 'Challenging Lock-in through Urban Energy Systems (CLUES)'.


My academic research focuses on energy demand modelling, the analysis of energy markets & regulation and energy policy.

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