Dr. Yacob Mulugetta


Yacob Mulugetta joined the Centre for Environmental Strategy as a lecturer in 1997. He has 15 years of research and teaching experience specialising in the links between basic infrastructure provision and human welfare, with a particular focus on access to energy services to address poverty and inequality concerns. His current research and advisory work lies in the inter-sectoral links between energy, environment and health; and the role of policy in facilitating access to clean and affordable energy services to poor communities. He has research experience in resource assessment issues, policy processes and their impact on diverse communities, and participatory approaches towards multi-stakeholder decision processes. He has participated in a number of energy-related projects, funded by the Department for International Development, UNDP and ESKOM-South Africa.

Recent publications

Mulugetta, Y. (2007) 'Renewable energy technology and implementation mechanisms for Ethiopia', Energy Sources , 2(1).

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