Dr. Mona Chitnis


Mona Chitnis is a Research Fellow in the multidisciplinary Research Group on Lifestyles, Values and Environment (RESOLVE) and Sustainable Lifestyle Research Group (SLRG). She applies econometric techniques to model and estimate future consumer demand, associated greenhouse gas emissions and the rebound effect for the UK.

Before joining CES in 2006, Mona worked for almost nine years in the Management and Planning Organization of the Iranian Government-Tehran as an Expert in Economics and State Planning. Her area of work covered public enterprises, privatization and financial markets issues in Iran. She also has lectured at Alzahra University in Iran-Tehran.

Mona did her BS, MS and Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Tehran in Iran. She obtained a British Council and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran partial scholarship to complete her Ph.D. research at SEEC and completed her PhD in 2005 entitled "The Effect of Gasoline Pricing Policy on Social Welfare in Iran". Her thesis covered the cost analysis of refineries and petroleum products, gasoline demand and supply estimation and the effect of gasoline pricing policy on social welfare in Iran.